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  • You asked. We listened!

    RINGR now allows you to talk with as many as 4 guests with our New conference calling feature.

    Plus, you can talk to your guests before you start recording with RINGR’s green room technology. Also, with call resuming, you now have the ability to instantly reconnect with a guest if you want to.

    Green room
    Call resuming

    See the step by step instructions below for more details.

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  • 1
    Create an account

    Signup for a RINGR account

  • 2
    Download RINGR Mobile for iOS/Android calls
    Download on Apple App Store Get it on Google Play
    Use RINGR with Firefox or Chrome on your desktop
    Google Chrome Firefox
  • 3
    Invite your guest(s) to a call

    Invite your guest(s) to a call by clicking the “+” button on the app


    “add/join conversation” in your RINGR account on desktop.

    Users with a premium account can add up to 4 email addresses at this time.

  • 4
    If you are using RINGR Mobile, Turn on Do Not Disturb

    Activating the DO NOT DISTURB feature on your phone will keep your RINGR conversation going even if someone tries to call you in the middle of it.

    Be sure that your device is set to always silence calls and to allow calls from no one. Using the default settings will not protect against interruptions and could interfere with the RINGR call.

  • 5
    When it’s time for your call to begin

    Launch RINGR and click on the conversation you created.


    Or click on one of the links provided in the confirmation email or calendar entry.

    Then accept the disclaimer by clicking “confirm”.

  • 6
    Once your guests arrive

    The call will immediately connect.
    The recording will only begin once you click “Start Recording”.

  • 7
    When you are finished recording, click “stop recording”

    DO NOT CLOSE OR BACKGROUND THE APP until the upload has completed. Depending on the length of your call, this could take anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

  • 8
    Once your upload is complete

    You can decide to end the call or resume recording. If the call is ended, feel free to close RINGR. You will receive a notification when the audio is ready to download. If you decide to resume, keep RINGR open. You can decide to resume the call immediately or at a later date.

    Call resuming (host)

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