It all started on a napkin at McAlister's Deli.

There's still some disagreement as to whether an actual napkin was involved or not but, regardless, RINGR officially began in May of 2014 over chicken sandwiches, mac and cheese, and Dr Pepper. Crazy concept met creative solution that day and—within weeks—we had a lead investor, promotional materials, and plane tickets to several industry conferences.

The problem? We didn't have a product.

Six months of part-time research and development followed and, by January 2015, RINGR's iOS beta released on the App Store. We also joined the OCEAN accelerator in Cincinnati, Ohio and jumped full-time into making our dream a reality. And now, it is.

To date, our users have interviewed Emmy winners, New York Times best-selling authors, and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. They have talked with athletes and artists and actors. They have produced content about food and travel. About science and technology. About politics and religion. They've been heard on ESPN and NPR. In the United States, United Kingdom and scores of other countries.

At RINGR, we're creators, creating a platform to help other creators create. Like you. And you've been doing an incredible job. There's no doubt we're proud of how good you and your guests sound. But, honestly, we're most proud of the impact and influence you're having on the world around you.

Well done. Let's do more together.
The Team

The RINGR team is a unique blend of coders and creatives…introverts and extroverts…PhD's and college dropouts (well, one). What brings us together, however, is our decades of experience in working with audio and our unwavering passion to make it sound amazing.

  • Tim Sinclair

    CEO of RINGR. PA voice of the Fighting Illini and Chicago Fire. Writer. Napper. Lover of Dr Pepper.

  • Kris West

    CTO of RINGR. Bread maker. Badminton player. Enjoys a mean game of conkers.

  • Dan Wright

    Chief Software Architect. Enjoys all things bicycle related. Problem solver. Bicycle frame welder.

  • Chad Olson

    User Experiences at RINGR. Designer. Pushes pixels around. Photographer. Rider of one and two wheel vehicles.


Money. Strategy. Opportunity. Special thanks to these amazing organizations for sharing our vision and partnering with RINGR along the way.

  • Ocean
  • Serra Ventures
  • Champaign County Community Development Corporation
  • Connetic
  • Enterprise Works