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Record a conversation with anyone,
anywhere in the world,
and have it sound like you’re in the same room.
—Available for mobile and desktop devices

  • “Ringr has earned my trust, and I will be conducting all of my future remote interviews with Ringr, and I have encouraged all of my mobile podcasting clients to do the same.”
    Shawn Smith, The Mobile Pro
  • “This is a good day to be a Podcaster with awesome tools like RINGR!”
    Daniel J. Lewis
  • “It sounds’s a tool that we’ve been dreaming about.”
    John DeLore, Gimlet Media
  • “Just took ya for a test drive and,"This girl's IN LOVE.”
  • “My cohost and I tried it out as we drove home from separate cars! It is amazing that this is even possible.”
    Josh Stewart, Stew'd Productions
  • “What a great way to record a was EPIC!”
    Russ Johns
  • “This totally changes the way I interview guests.”
    Thom Walters, Host of ZEN commuter
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How it works

Send an email invitation using RINGR with a custom message and scheduled call time.
At the scheduled time, all participants connect using the RINGR Mobile app or a desktop browser.
Each device records high quality audio while you talk over RINGR's built-in Voice-over-IP (VoIP).
Once the call is complete, the high quality audio is uploaded to the RINGR cloud.
RINGR synchronises, balances, and merges the individual tracks using a little audio magic.
A download link is emailed to the host, with additional formats and separate tracks available to Premium members from the account website.

Listen to the Difference

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Low Bandwidth
High Bandwidth


To get you started.
Unlimited calls.
Excellent Quality.
Mobile & Desktop Apps.
Mono MP3 download.
Unlimited storage.


Everything you want.
Unlimited calls.
Mobile & Desktop Apps.
Split-track downloads.
Unlimited storage.
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